About Us

RICHARD PRYOR ASSOCIATES is a law firm specialising in providing practical, cost-effective, communications and information technology related legal services for corporations, government agencies, small business and individuals.

The firm has been recognised for offering:
(a) a practical approach to problems;
(b) plain, concise English;
(c) a commitment to client activities; and
(d) value for money.

The key features of our services are:

  • Unique levels of expertise. We are the only specialist ICT law firm in South Australia. There is no substitute for experience. We have encountered most situations before and are therefore well equipped to understand your business issues and drivers and to find and implement practical solutions. We have developed a unique range of precedents which can be efficiently adapted to cover any IT related transaction.
  • Adding value – We are frequently able to suggest refinements of business models or transaction structures to reduce cost, increase revenue or otherwise add value. In many instances, our value add substantially exceeds the costs of our services.
  • Deal facilitation rather than obstruction – We adopt a business focus and apply strategic and tactical approaches to ensure that you achieve your outcomes. We will recommend “how to do it” rather than advise “why you can’t do it”.
  • Industry knowledge – We have seen enough success and failure in the ICT industry to know the best and worst of business models and transaction structures. We can assist you to evaluate and adjust your approach to optimise outcomes.
  • Access to our network – We have strong connections throughout the ICT industry. Where appropriate, we can introduce clients to prospective business partners, customers and suppliers.
  • Industry intelligence – Our focus is the ICT industry. We keep our ear to the ground and can often identify business opportunities before they are generally known.
  • Cost effective advice – Our hourly rates are very competitive and our ability to deliver high quality services rapidly is unrivalled.