ICT supplier services

Services and documentation to assist suppliers of ICT related products and services.

A significant number of ICT suppliers suffer cash flow problems or financial collapse as a result of slower than anticipated sales cycles.

provides solutions that significantly shorten the time-line from proposal to contract formation, reduce the resource and other costs of closing deals and accelerate the commencement of customer payments.

general services provided for ICT vendors include:

  • Business model reviews.
  • Proposal templates incorporating terms and conditions.
  • A full range of contract templates to cover the supply of products, services and licensing.
  • Intellectual property (“IP”) reviews and audits.
  • Strategies for acquisition, protection and commercialisation of IP.
  • IP assignments.
  • Contractor development agreements.
  • Trade mark and domain name advice.
  • Internet related documentation.

bid support services for ICT vendors include:

  • Bid negotiation team structuring.
  • Teaming agreements.
  • Proposal risk analysis, risk allocation and risk mitigation strategies.
  • Preparation of responses to Requests for Proposals and Tender documents.
  • Advice and recommendations on preferred approach to contract issues.
  • Planning and executing negotiation strategies.
  • Leading or supporting negotiations including acting as negotiation session chair-person.
  • Tracking and reporting on open/closed issues.
  • Preparing sub-contractor agreements and ensuring back-to-back support from sub-contractors.
  • Drafting revisions of agreement(s) to reflect matters agreed during negotiations.
  • Reviewing scope definitions to identify and minimise ambiguities.
  • Providing legal “sign-off” on finalised agreements.
  • Assisting the project manager with respect to contract issues during project execution.
  • Negotiating and documenting variations and assisting in the resolution of any project issues.
  • Advising with respect to warranty period issues and providing ongoing assistance with respect to issues that may arise after the warranty period (eg. disengagement on contract expiry)

work has included:

  • Advising a diverse range of large to small suppliers with respect to their business models and standard proposal and contract documentation.
  • Assisting ICT vendors to respond to RFPs and tenders for many types of products and services.
  • Negotiation and documentation services for the licensing, implementation and support of a wide range of software products across a broad range of industry and government sectors.
  • Advising, negotiating and drafting documentation relating to major and whole of enterprise IT and business process outsourcing arrangements.
  • Providing advice and documentation with respect to various internet and SMS related businesses.
  • Advising, negotiating and drafting documentation relating to the establishment of hosted systems for various kinds of high volume transaction and payment processing.